Art work and projects for Frijol Feasts are selected by the Caldo Collective and two additional jurors who are working artists or arts administrators living in the El Paso area. To start the jury process, the Caldo Collective gathers its members to generate one vote for each call. A representative of the Caldo Collective then meets with guest jurors who contribute the remaining two votes to a three vote panel. This allows for a fair and diverse jury panel for each feast initiated by The Caldo Collective!


The Caldo Collective encourages professional standards in the submission of work. We ask that each artist include the following materials in ONE email: 
1) Frijol Feasts application in .pdf format (linked below)


2) artist resume (2 page max) in .pdf format OR a 200 word artist statement

3) no more than 5 work samples  of creative work produced in the last 2 years:
- For visual artwork: photographs in .jpeg format, 300 dpi resolution
- For video work: .mov format, no more than 3 minutes (a reel or sample of proposed film project is encouraged)
- For music work: .mp3 format, no more than 3 minutes
- For written work: .pdf format, no more than 1 page for each work sample or 5 pages total
- For drama or theater work: 5 work samples in the appropriate format (detailed above)
- For multidisciplinary artists: a complete work sample package should include a combination of 5 of the samples listed above. ex: 2 .jpeg image, 1 video sample, 1 written sample and 1 sound sample equals a complete work sample package.) 


4) a work sample information list in .pdf format. (include: corresponding file name, title of work, medium of work and date work was completed or presented)

All materials MUST be submitted in ONE email as attachments. Materials not submitted in these formats will not be considered. Additional materials beyond the materials requested will not be considered. 


For collectives applying, each member of the collective must submit a resume if a collective resume is not available. Images may include collective project images, sound samples, video samples or writing samples but should not exceed 5 samples total. The Caldo Collective is happy to help each and every artist who needs assistance in completing this application process. We are available to help via email, and if needed, through a scheduled meeting. All questions and/or applications should be emailed to caldo@thecaldocollective.com.

If you would like to participate in the Caldo Collective's "Transient Triangle" project, but have not received an invitation from us, please feel free to send us a one page letter of intent with work samples and an artist statement (no more than 200 words) included. Make sure you tell us why you'd like to be involved in your letter of intent!