Frequently asked questions by artists:

Q: I would like to be a member of the Caldo Collective. How do I make it happen?
The Caldo Collective welcomes constructive collaboration that is aligned with the collective's mission statement. Our co-founders each provide a resume and artist statement that reflects their ability to drive this machine. The Caldo Collective asks to review potential members' resumes and artist statements or statement of intent before they become a part of Caldo's formal operational team. This is to ensure that we know who we're working with and what drives them. Additionally, each member of the Caldo Collective agrees to a basic "Criteria for Participation" that ensures maximum and fair participation in the collective. Artists who would like to be a part of the formal operational team that drives Caldo but are unable to commit to The Caldo Collective's "Criteria for Participation" are encouraged to contact The Caldo Collective to see how they might participate in other ways. Caldo encourages ALL LOCAL ARTISTS to apply for a chance to present at Frijol Feasts and recieve a micro-grant through the project. Caldo also invites local artists to collaborate in the Transient Triangle Project and welcomes diverse voices to add to the dialogue! Send us your resume and an artist statement or statement of intent if you would like to work with us! If you don't have those things, shoot us an email! 
Long answer short: Contact us if you are a local artist (or a local ANYTHING!) to see how we can work together!

Q: What does Caldo mean by "fresh ideas"? 

A: When Caldo says fresh, we mean to say that we are seeking out ideas that landed in your brain and soul recently. "Fresh" ideas usually come from a place that hasn't been found yet. We want to contribute to and even spark the evolution of the visual language artists use on the border. Our broth is pretty transparent, so here you go:

1) Caldo likes ideas that contribute to cultural expansion and evolution on the border
2) Caldo likes ideas that trigger a diverse set of perspectives to come together
3) Caldo likes ideas that challenge the traditional imagery seen in El Paso for too many decades
4) Caldo likes ideas that are experimental and have an impact on humanity

5) Caldo supports artists who are making relevant and progressive statements in their work


Q: If I'm just starting out, I haven't really shown much and I don't have a huge portfolio can I still apply? 



Q: If I'm a student can I apply? 

A: OF COURSE. We encourage any one over the age of 18 to apply... so long as they meet the Call to Artist criteria.


Q: Can "Frijol Feasts" funds be used to get an "A+" in my painting/drawing/metals/printmaking/etc. course at UTEP? 

A: No. Caldo does not fund projects that are a part of any course work or degree plan.


Q: How long until I find out whether my idea or work has been selected for a Caldo event?

A: We are committed to notifying artists of acceptance or rejection within one month of the application deadline. 


Q: How many times can I apply for a Caldo project?

A: As long as you have the ideas, we're happy to accept an application for each one. We will only select artists for one "Frijol Feast" event per year. In other words, to be fair, we can't re-accept artists until the following year. For "Transient Triangle" projects, we are able to accept artists multiple times per year if their art work jives with the exhibition concept (which is different for each fantastic exhibition!)


Q: What if I don't really have a lot of experience talking about myself or my artwork? I mean, I don't really like to talk about myself...

A: This is your chance to gain that experience! Caldo will offer, based on demand, workshops in artist talks, resume building and grant writing... not having a lot of experience should never be a reason not to gain more experience! You might find that once you talk about yourself once, it gets easier to do it without feeling so uncomfortable. We're here to support you. 

Q: I am a dancer and musician. Do I still qualify for your grant and exhibition opportunities even though I'm not a "visual artist"?
Absolutely. The Caldo Collective takes on its granting projects and exhibition initiatives with a focus on interdisciplinary art practices. This is not to say that we are not interested in working with you if you dedicate yourself to one practice solely; rather, the Caldo Collective welcomes all types of creative individuals to come together and work together to produce dynamic work the El Paso community has never seen!


Q: What if an artist lives in Las Cruces? Can they still apply for Frijol Feasts and/or Transient Triangle?
We welcome artists living and working on the border to apply. However, their projects must take place, be installed, performed and/or otherwise exhibited in El Paso, TX. 


Frequently asked questions by community:

Q: I don't know who you are, but I would like to help. Can I donate food, money, etc. How does it work?

A: The first and best way to help the Caldo Collective is by sharing our website and what we do with your friends, family, and community. 
If you would like to be more actively involved: 
Frijol Feasts dinner will typically be hosted at private residences on a voluntary basis. To help with these feasts (the funds raised during them go directly to specific and elected local artists' projects) there are four ways to help:
1) Volunteering the use of your private residence to support the arts by hosting a Frijol Feasts event.

2) donation of ingredients to make CALDO for our guests.
3) Volunteering time to serve guests and help us cook.
4) Opening your contacts to us so that we might extend our network and, ultimately, a wider base of support for the arts.


Monetary donations can be accepted at the door during dinner events. If you would like to make a monetary donation directly to and specifically for The Caldo Collective, that can be received through a seperate donation at a Fijol Feasts event. If you are unable to attend Frijol Feasts events but would like to donate funds, please contact us at!


Q: Where does my Frijol Feasts donation go?
The Caldo Collective asks guests at Frijol Feasts for a minimum donation. That donation is geared toward ensuring that the selected artist receives appropriate funding. The donations collected at the door are pooled together during the course of the evening. A total amount raised is calculated. The Caldo Collective retains operational costs for the event (we do not retain any percentage of the amount raised to pay wages for collective members). The amount raised is announced at the end of the night, along with the recipient of the micro-grant.


Q: Can we split the Frijol Feasts pot evenly among all the artists who present? 
Probably Caldo's favorite question yet, asked by an audience member at its inaugural Frijol Feasts experience! Unfortunately, we have to find a way to select only one artist for funding. Because we are dealing with micro-financing, it would be a shame to see the pot shrink for a potentially amazing idea. The selection process ensures that we are maximizing the reach of our funding by granting artists finances that will make their project feasible.