The Caldo Collective values every artist and their ideas, whether or not they are selected to be featured in a feast or collaborate through public art experiments. We have found that even when artists are not selected to receive direct funding, the community has stepped forward to offer other support by way of in kind donations made directly to artists, opening networking opportunities or even grant writing assistance to seek funding elsewhere.

We are particularly proud of the artists who have been selected directly by the community to receive funding for their ideas. In 2014, two out of three projects were funded in full through the community's participation in the arts. In 2015, Caldo has brought community together to fund one project in full and provide seed funding for another. We've still got one feast to go!


Dance Artist
Project Funded: "4 Years"
Expected date of completion: June 2014
Feast hosted by: Lola Rodriguez

"4 Years” is a contemporary dance production that brings together home grown talent to create a surreal experience delving into a world of nuances, gestures, interactions, faςades and melodrama. As reality shatters, a collaborative collection of self reflective moments are exposed in a world where the metaphysical rules. Improvisation will spring from a choreographed framework to produce a spontaneous happening that is highly physical and hyper-charged with emotion."

Maximillion Canion saw his work come to life during four live performances at the Glasbox, 210 Poplar, El Paso, TX 79905. With community funding made possible by the Caldo Collective his aim was to introduce El Paso to works in contemporary movement. Maximillion provided performance opportunities for 9 other local artists. Approximately 200 people attended his performances counting his project as a massive success.


Project Funded: "Seed of Benevolence"
Expected date of completion: June 2015
Feast hosted by: Marina Monsisvais and Paul Ro

"This project involves stories printed on 20 pieces of clothing collected from homeless individuals in our community describing their journey to their current housing situation. This work aims to discover what leaves a person homeless in a family-oriented community as well as address what is to come of individuals that are displaced with the changes occurring in our city’s growth."

During Seed of Benevolence, Diane Vera held 2 donations drives, conducted 28 interviews with homeless individuals, got the high school campus where she teaches involved in her work, secured valuable partnerships with theOpportunity Center for the Homeless and UTEP and printed 1,312 prints in preparation for her installation exhibition which opened at Galeria Senecu on June 4th, 2015. Her work was then exhibited at the La Fe Cultural and Technology Center in the Fall of 2015. 

visit Diane's project website for more details:



Ceramic/Philanthropic Artist
Project Funded: "Panza Llena, Corazon Contento"
Expected date of completion: December 6, 2014
Feast hosted by: Kitty Spalding and Tom Speiczny

"This is a ceramics sale to fight hunger. All proceeds from the sale of handmade ceramic tableware will benefit the Kelly Memorial Food Pantry."

Alejandro Perea joined forces with the Ceramic Art Students Association and the Kelly Memorial Food Pantry to bring this project to life. With community funding made possible by the Caldo Collective, artists were able to purchase 4800 lbs of clay to create approximately 1000 handmade ceramic pieces. On December 6th, 2014 at Hillside Coffee and Donut Company, Perea's project raised $8,650.50 that day and reported reaching its $10,000 goal later in December for the Kelly Memorial Food Pantry. Approximately 5000 El Paso residents that are in need of food assistance will receive food with the money that was rasied through "Panza Llena, Corazon Contento". 


Project Funded: "Memory Box"
Expected date of completion: August 2016
Feast hosted by: Glasbox

"Memory Box is a coming-of-age story... after death."

Memory Box is a short film that follows Julieta, 18 and recently deceased, as she experiences the afterlife for the first time at a Day of the Dead celebration. When her family arrives at her altar, Julieta must face her own death and find a way to redeem herself from the mistakes of her past. The film ironically is a coming of age tale after death, after it's too late. Angie Tures used the screeening of this film as an opportunity to curate and coordinate the "Femme Frontera Film Showcase" at the newly established Alamo Drafthouse and Cinema. The film festival screened Memory Box alongside 5 other films created by female filmmakers who are working on the border. For updates, profiles and progress on the project, click here.


Multimedia Artist
Project Funded: "Mujeres de la Frontera"
Expected date of completion: May 2016
Feast hosted by: Kerry Doyle and Simon Chandler

"Mujeres de la Frontera will work with women as collaborators rather than a simple subject matter. By creating these connections, the work will be honest, relevant and hold greater potential for impacting the lives of the women I work with."

This work is in progress. We'll let you know as soon as a website is ready to share for updates! 


Street Artist
Project Funded: Mothership Mandala
Date of Completion: 2016
Feast hosted by: Gustavo Reveles


"Mothership Mandala" is a public mural project made possible in collaboration with the PRIDE Center in El Paso, TX. The mural is created through hands on workshops led by Grave Herrera for the youth who are serviced through the PRIDE Center and currently living at the Winchester Home. Both organizations serve El Paso youth by providing services to youth who are transitioning out of the foster care system. The mural makes it home in Central El Paso on a massive 15 foot wall, just across the street from Houston Park and next door to a neighborhood clinic.