Proper Printshop joins us for the feast!

Jonathan Childress and Alan Hodson are the co-owners of Proper Printshop, a one of a kind print studio located in the heart of Central El Paso. The two have recently changed the way the community understands images and image making through their various projects and involvement in public festivals and programs through live printing. Proper recently printed thousands of free "Los Lagartos" prints for the re-opening of the San Jacinto Plaza with the help of visiting Master of Serigraphy, Arturo Negrete, 75 grados Press, MEX. Enjoy a few thoughts from the duo! The Caldo Collective: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and your practice. How do you work best and what is important to you?

Proper Printshop: Proper Printshop is a screen-printing shop owned by Alan Hodson and JJ Childress. We have been print makers for 5 years. We work with specialty materials and methods that most other shops don’t approach. We work best when we have had 8 hours of sleep and a full breakfast. We believe happiness is the pursuit of excellence along all the lines of our abilities.

CC: Where do art and community meet? How can that point of contact help to shape a community?

PP: Communities provide the inspiration and environment for artists to thrive. Artists need communities to provide opportunities to make a living; communities need artists to provide meaning and beauty to them.

CC: What do you think El Paso needs? What do artists need in El Paso?

PP: El Paso needs to be unapologetic about the talent that it produces. We can hold our own with any city out there. Artists need more avenues to exhibit and showcase their work and they need to continually challenge themselves to elevate their quality of work.

CC: What support would you like to see in place for artists working in El Paso?

PP: It would be great if there were avenues for artists to take their work to markets that can afford to pay the true value of their work.

CC: What's the dream? If our community could have it all, what would "all" of it include? Where/how/when do artists fit into your dreams for our community?

PP: It would be great to have a creative marketplace where artists could have affordable access to the products and resources they need to create art and a demand from patrons within their community to sell their art. We feel that we are providing a small component of that creative marketplace. We want to empower artists by granting them capabilities to execute their vision and to make a living.

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