A Transient Triangle Project 2016

On June 25, 2016, we took over the streets of downtown El Paso to discover where art and the public meet! “Caldo” offered two FREE workshops to high school students that focused on art in the public space and multimedia art that brings sound, video and performance to life. Workshops gave students access to NEW technology and one of a kind explorations of contemporary art mediums. Springing from youth-led explorations, Caldo is proud to continue ROUTE WORK as our team of artists explores our city and the stories it is home to by connecting artists with community via the El Paso Sun Metro. On August 13, 2016 at 7:40 am we set off from Northgate Terminal, located at the intersection of Diana and Dyer. We road from Northeast El Paso to the Bert Williams Downtown Santa Fe Transfer Center to end our journey at the Mission Valley Transfer Center in Socorro, stopping along the entire way to offer the public contemporary performance work in public spaces. 

Here's the route we took:

7:40 am: Performance begins, see if you can spot us coming!
8 am: Depart Northgate Terminal South on
RT 35 
8:15 am: Deboard at Intersection of Dyer and Broaddus for a performance
8:23 am: transfer to
RT 32 at intersection of Dyer and Hayes, Board bus
8:45 am: Deboard at Five Points Transfer Center for a performance
9:15 am: Transfer to
RT 50, BOARD bus to downtown transfer center
9:40 am: Arrive at Bert Williams Downtown Santa Fe Transfer Center for a performance
10:20 am: Depart Bert Williams Downtown Santa Fe Transfer Center on
RT 61
11:03 am: deboard at Alameda and Carolina for a performance
11:25 am: Transfer to
RT 62, Depart Alameda and Carolina 
12:02 pm: Arrive at Mission Valley Transfer Center for a performance

For detailed route schedules, maps and lots of magical ways to get around the city:

Contemporary Public Art Workshops for YOUTH
Workshops expose students to the practices of real working artists in a contemporary interdisciplinary practice and allow students to participate in <ROUTE WORK>, the Transient Triangle Project's three part exhibition series for 2016. Students gain hands-on experience as they explore and develop skills in a series of activities that culminate in a student-created multimedia performance piece. Students explore community through guided walks in downtown El Paso and focused field work facilitated by teaching artists. The workshops are aligned with Art TEKS, and additionally students work with 21st century technology tools including the Max/MSP programming environment. Students receive a certificate of completion, as well as the opportunity to participate in future workshops. Participating students will also be eligible to participate in mentorship programs that place them at the forefront of contemporary art experiments on a 21st century border. Through the course of the workshop, students will develop critical thinking and narrative building skills that they can bring back and apply in the classroom. Most importantly, students are introduced to a new type of artistic language that is otherwise unavailable to them in El Paso at this time.

Activities include:
-field observation and research in downtown El Paso
-field recording (sound and video)
-a guided Public Art Tour through downtown El Paso
-introductory discussion about public art projects and Caldo's definition of "STREET ART"
-performance explorations through movement, gesture and silence
-sound editing and processing with MAX/MSP programs
-video editing and processing with MAX/MSP programs
-sensor operated performance exploration

Click here to check out the performance Caldo's young artists created this year at the El Paso Public Library!

Future Artists
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