The Right Cooks in the Kitchen

We can't talk about who makes Caldo cook without mentioning that each and every member of this community is a part of this collective. It's why we have been able to succed! We are grateful for the hundreds of people who have contributed to the home grown stock that infuses each and every thing we do! We exist for and because of you! 

Local artists Xochitl Rodriguez and Theron Nicholson are the collective's co-founders. They've each travelled around the world to understand how powerful art can be. The driving force behind the founding of the collective was their mutual dedication to utilizing art to shape community, reflect diverse identities on a 21st century border and catalyze the evolution of culture on the U.S.-Mexico border. Theron and Xochitl dedicate themselves to taking steps that promote and enable equal and free access to every person's right to have a voice. They are committed to creating connections and relationships across obstacles and perceived barriers. The Caldo Collective's recipes and eats were created by well-known local cook and fellow co-founder, Joaquin Rodriguez. 

In 2015, The Caldo Collective welcomed local sound artist, composer and educator, Randy Maguire to the table as the collective's Program Director. Caldo worked with Randy when he was nominated to present his ideas at Frijol Feasts and, later, when he was a catalyst for incredible explorations and experimentation of how sound, music, video and performance can be combined in public spaces during the Transient Triangle Project. Through those projects, Randy became interested in Caldo's mission and Caldo became interested in Randy! Like all of Caldo's members, Randy is an El Paso native who is dedicated to shaping our community and its artists through contemporary explorations that engage wider audiences and challenge perceptions of how artwork can function in the public space.
 His main compositional focus is opera, particularly works that can be performed in non-traditional spaces. 




Caldo artists are committed to serving the El Paso community toward a measurable increase in support for and interest in contemporary art on the border. We are interested in sparking an international and multi-cultural conversation about art in our community. The Caldo Collective is dedicated to art education using innovative, responsive and alternative strategies to reach out to the community. Seeing the community as an integral part of the collective, Caldo also considers community members who participate in its initiatives, whether directly or indirectly, a part of the Caldo Collective. Every person who chose to attend a feast, share a post or announcement on social media, attend a workshop, panel or exhibition is a part of our mission and the energy that keeps this collective alive. Without your support, we couldn't possibly make our caldo totally tasty! In 2014-15, the Caldo Collective worked with over 1000 people to make its programs and intiatives a massive success.

The Caldo Collective is also the artists we support! Since our inception, we have worked with over 25 artists and provided direct opportunities for 18 local artists:


Maximillion Hawkeye Canion

Tino Ortega

Travis David Smith

Andrea Vasquez Aguirre

Michelle Pacillas

Diane Vera

Marvin Hill

Peter Svarzbein

Mia Moreno

Alejandro Perea

Ryan Dean Mullenix

S Paola Lopez R

Angie Reza Tures

Randy Maguire

Jeanette Ramirez

Francisco Delgado

Johanna C Nelson

Dave "Grave" Herrera
Nathan Stell
Carambola Community Music
Jennifer Burton
Jennifer Lucero
Proper Printshop
Edgar Picazo Merino
Barrio Panther Magazine






The Caldo Collective and the artists we have funded have also worked in close partnerships with community organizations and local businesses: